TRADESPARENT recognizes the fact that information in a company is not in one system. In every company, there are multiple systems in a diverse IT landscape; Trading systems, Planning & Budget, Internal/External Market Prices and Realized financial information is stored in different sources. In such a landscape it is very time consuming to create a daily accurate and quality checked company overview of positions, financial performance the risk exposure.

TRADESPARENT has a unique way of connecting all relevant data in a company; positions (purchases, sales, inventory and derivatives), production planning, market prices from internal and/or external sources, broker information and even information in Excel can be connected in an easy and automated way. TRADESPARENT is able to load and aggregate all this information into one universal view on a daily basis, providing ‘One Source of the Truth’ for the whole company.

How is it done?

Working with a diverse landscape of information sources requires a managed solution to be in control of the source data. TRADESPARENT has unique and dynamic mapping features in place which ensures the information of the source systems is well represented in TRADESPARENT. No matter how the information is stored and in how many underlying data sources it resides, the information is unified and aggregated. Also, common issues as unit of measures and currency conversions are handled by the application.

Business logic

Often custom business logic is needed to represent the data in the correct way. TRADESPARENT has the capability to apply business logic without programming, version controlled and manageable. This means whenever the business changes, TRADESPARENT will follow quick and easy.

Dynamic and personal reporting

Every company and employees of a company will have diverse reporting requirements. The C-Suite wants to see the high-level information to be able to track the overall company performance and risks, while the Risk Department or a Trader has different information requirements. TRADESPARENT is able to cater to all these needs, presenting unique drill-down capabilities to the level of individual trades. Furthermore, it is possible for end-users to create their own reports and share them with colleagues. A diverse reporting landscape but all the information is coming from one complete and quality checked data storage, providing the company with ‘One Source of the Truth’.

TRADESPARENT Right to the Point

  • Connects to virtually any data source
  • Multi- Unit of Measure & Multi currency
  • Custom business logic can be applied without programming
  • The information is daily stored as a ‘snapshot’ enabling following trends and historical analysis of positions market prices and financials like Mark to Market and
  • Flexible and dynamic user interface allows for defining of personal reports