Long in data and short in time, check out the benefits of working with our Solutions and have what you need at your fingertips.

Smart decision making

No more incomplete positions, no more after the fact reporting, no more excel calculation errors. Straightforward, market tuned, actual, realistic and timely information on all company exposures for informed decision-making. That is our promise to you.

Absolute Return on Investment

Our subscription model and fast implementation combined with our unique Control Board and Personalized Dashboards assures for proper balance between costs and benefits. Our comprehensive yet nimble Risk Management platform puts less strain on your contract management systems and leverages your existing landscape for maximum value creation.

Fast implementation

With TRADESPARENT you will have your global Financial Risk Positions online in weeks rather than years!

Best of both worlds

The Microsoft .NET framework is the best platform for building high-end, reliable and reusable applications. Add in the fact that the TRADESPARENT Solutions are built by a multidisciplinary team of commodity, risk and BI specialists and you have the best of both worlds available to you at the fraction of the price it would cost to build in house and implemented in weeks and months, not years.

Proven approach

Our approach has been proven in both trade and processing environments, large scale and basic roll outs, multi-continent and single location operations. We work closely with our clients and partners to embed the Solution with the user community and together we stay ahead of the curve with our joint development roadmap. A proven track record and strong references for a reliable long term partnership.


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