TRADESPARENT provides Solutions for a range of industries and functional areas such as:


From grains and oilseeds to livestock and dairy this sector is critical in our daily lives. Risk management finds its origin in agriculture as early as the 1700’s with the Tulip mania and the establishment of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1848. TRADESPARENT helps in managing price volatility of agriculture products throughout the supply chain.


This sector is filled with optionality. How our we priced compared to crude oil, should we produce ethanol out of corn or stick to corn syrup, can we use Asian options to set prices, just to name a few. With the TRADESPARENT insight and risk analytics a complete toolkit is provided to trade and manage the risk of your business.

Commodity Trading

At the heart of TRADESPARENT is the aggregation of all trade types used in the industry, no matter the incumbent system or spreadsheet. Add in our advanced price catalogue for dealing with location, quality, market differentials and other price drivers and you have risk exposure insights and mark to market at contract level for the most comprehensive Risk Management available today.

Food and Beverage

Marketing driven organization, but with a significant exposure to raw materials the Food and Beverage industry is strengthened with the TRADESPARENT Risk Management solution to remain competitive against a dynamic and volatile competitive procurement landscape.

Foreign Exchange

Forex as a component to the trade, forex as functional currencies within enterprises, forex as a hedging book, no matter the type, TRADESPARENT handles Forex seamlessly and informative.

Oilseed Crushing

Highly commoditized activity and constant interplay between the physical activity and financial markets TRADESPARENT Risk Management solution is a must have to manage a crushing business combining our strengths in commodity trading and Dynamic Margin Management.


With regulations constantly changing it is of utmost importance to have a flexible and robust reporting solution in place. TRADESPARENT solves all your regulatory concerns.


Differences in feedstock, hundreds of end- and by product, the starch industry is a competitive and challenging space, but with margin and risk management as available in the TRADESPARENT platform you have the toolkit for managing your portfolio.


When you are in the wheat milling industry, TRADESPARENT's Dynamic Margin Management solution helps you improve your profitability and manage your risk.


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