Companies in the commodity industry face many reporting challenges. Apart from data quality and transparency issues, complex and scattered IT landscapes make data aggregation a time consuming and costly process. The lack of process standardization and reliance on in-house developed spreadsheets causes the absence of a single source of truth where reports and analyses can be based on.

TRADESPARENT solves these reporting issues by creating the 'one source of the truth' in your company. Our Risk Management Solution extracts data from your existing transactional or accounting system and even those valuable spreadsheets. After additional enrichment, the data is normalized and aggregated, whereafter a comprehensive view of your company's portfolio is created. This provides all stakeholders on a daily basis with up-to-date and factual information. By constantly analyzing your risk, margins and performance you are able to make swift decisions and always be one step ahead of your competitors. Because the data is stored in a data warehouse, not only current reports and analytics are available, but also the complete history can be viewed.

Since departments have different reporting needs, end-users can create their own reports and views in TRADESPARENT. Where it is of utmost importance that the reports are based on the same underlying data in order to have unity in your monitoring and reporting. We call this the 'one source of the truth'!

TRADESPARENT works with two main Editions and Add-Ons for specialized services;

  • Base Edition, for small & medium size businesses or single business lines within a larger organization
  • Enterprise Edition, for larger businesses with multiple business lines and locations across the globe

Add-on Editions

  • Regulatory Edition, for new regulations being rolled out across Europe. This special Add-On includes Trade Repository connections

TRADESPARENT Right to the Point

  • Daily position and performance reporting
  • Combined overview of your physical and financial book
  • Dynamic monitoring, reporting and advanced analytics
  • Connectivity to any data source
  • Fast implementation
  • Low cost/high value
  • One source of the Truth


Gain insights, monitor and report on trades, risk exposures and performance with the TRADESPARENT platform, built by commodity specialists for commodity businesses.

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Create transparency by bringing procurement, sales, energy costs and planning together in one comprehensive margin forecast model and optimize procurement and sales decision-making. 

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Compliant and in control on commodity trade related regulations such as MiFID II, EMIR, FMIA & CFTC, and satisfy internal and external stakeholders with our Regulatory Solution.

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Improve your risk management practices with one of the many advanced risk metrics available in the TRADESPARENT dashboard.

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