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#1 - A Single Source of Connected Data

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

5 Reasons to choose Tradesparent

‘Tradesparent revolutionizes data-driven reporting and analysis in high volume businesses.’ Ok, that’s great. But what is it really, what does it actually do, and – more importantly – why should I choose Tradesparent?

In a short series of articles, we’d like to explore 5 reasons to choose Tradesparent, in what is basically an overview of our very convincing and very well-established USPs. Because our suite of business solutions fulfils a whole host of needs you might not even be aware of having. Let’s start with the first one: one true data repository, connecting data in all dimensions, physical and financial.

‘The last data ingestion and management tool you’ll ever need’

Tradesparent is an integrated data analysis and reporting platform dedicated to the commodity trade and processing industry, from Agri to Energy, Metals and many other potentials as their dynamics tend to overlap. Not only is it completely unique to commodities, but it is specifically designed for them.

High volume businesses need solutions to scale their business reporting. No matter the location, source, or volume, Tradesparent can unify all that data landscape into a secured and governed data repository, ready for reporting, analysis, and the logical next steps. Due to constantly evolving data sources, ever-changing market variables and reporting requirements – especially for high-volume business – the real challenge lies in developing a logical, well-organized, and most importantly dependable data entity. And it’s not just the data collection either; just think of the complexities of business logic and accessibility, of cost, of scalability and performance… We have you covered.

Our software complements your existing ERP and CTRM landscape, ingesting all

internal and external data sources to create a genuine single source of data repository that captures the multi-dimensional aspect of doing business. The underlying model for reporting is configurable to suit your exact supply chain, offering tremendous abilities to look forward and facilitate portfolio discovery.

The Tradesparent model is based on a combination of flexible, yet robust ingestion and transformation processes and in-depth industry knowledge baked into the system to help you control which data is relevant to whom and how. The Commodity Data Hub – and the holistic, complete, and single source of truth approach are at the heart of all our solutions.

Our framework “Collect, Trust & Engage” is proven to add immediate benefits and establish a lasting and versatile approach to your data needs, while relying on proven software solutions.

Let’s break down that approach.

Extract and Ingest – COLLECT

Tradesparent offers an extremely powerful, non-intrusive collection platform, enabling companies to combine virtually any internal and external dispersed data points. From any CTRM and ERP systems to Excel spreadsheets, Real-time, Intra-day and End-of-day, you have control over your data sources with Tradesparent's Source-Optimized Import Layer.

Apply Business Logic – TRUST

By loading all relevant business data on a day-to-day basis, your Tradesparent platform becomes a rich and informative data store. Tradesparent provides a user-friendly data mapping tool and complete data normalization to control your incoming data and ensure continuous harmonization. You apply correctness, completeness, and consistency checks, historical and actual. With the Single-Source-Of-Truth Normalization Layer, you are now in control of and can trust your entire business data, in real time.

Business Intelligence – ENGAGE

Tradesparent offers a suite of business intelligence solutions that enrich and translate business data into actionable information, from specific reports and analytics to personalization and API Services. The software can be configured to any specific business model and supply chain and user requirements to obtain insights in everything from performance, margin, and risk reporting to regulatory compliance. The highly customizable reporting layer answers to the many roles in the organization; from C-Suite executive dashboards to full transaction detail and performance evaluation for the middle office and desk traders.

We have implemented ISO 27001 as well as SOC 1, an important demonstration of our commitment to the highest security standards, which has been our core focus from day one. This signals just how central the protection of data is to our organization. Because quality, well-organized, and reliable data upstream, at the point of capture, underpins success downstream, at the reporting and analysis levels.

Through extensive experience in innovative software development, commodity trading, processing, and risk management, Tradesparent assists commodity companies in unlocking the full potential of their business data. With over 150 projects delivered across 3 continents since 2010, Tradesparent’s approach ensures our customers build control over their business data to boost and protect their business performance. Do you want to know more? Reach out to us for any questions and/or support items.

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