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#2 – Master Your Data Management on the Fly

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

5 Reasons to choose Tradesparent

`Tradesparent enables commodity companies to unlock the full potential of their data. With over 150 projects delivered across 3 continents since 2010, our approach ensures our customers have control over their data to boost and protect their overall performance.’

The first post in our series on the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of Tradesparent solutions explored how we can unify your business data landscape, into a single source of connected data. Today marks our second entry, focusing on our data management features. The Commodity Data Hub, at the heart of our solutions, gives you the wings to master your data management on the fly, resulting in immediate and lasting value. Let’s explore how…

Built for the Commodities Industry

In well over 10 years of configuring data management solutions for small and large companies, we recognize that no two commodity companies are the same. Yet, there are striking similarities in the challenges they all face around their business data – and optimizing its use.

A common challenge is that business data such as financial & physical contractual information is stored in multiple E/CTRM systems. Data availability, Master Data and quality aren’t uniform either, which often results in manual & time-consuming reconciliation process. On the other end of the spectrum, different business stakeholders need different types of reporting outputs.

The Tradesparent Commodity Data Hub resolves and reconciles all these needs by providing the best of both worlds: an Enterprise Data Management system (the ‘TS Data Hub’), built for commodity business data and their intrinsic properties. A robust solution that harmonizes your data and makes it accessible and readily available for analysis and dissemination.

Ingest and transform your data, at scale

The Commodity Data Hub allows you to seamlessly combine data from multiple sources in- and outside the company into one single, consistent data hub, ready for multi-dimensional analysis, whenever and wherever you need it. It offers:

1) Flexibility in the management of data sources: enabling you to ingest your core commodity data and adjust in case when changes in your data landscape or business model;

2) Data mapping and Master Data management to harmonize the data: There is no need to reinvent the wheel, as Tradesparent data models apply to a wide range of existing business models. From merchandising, shipping & trading, financial trading and hedging and primary and secondary processing to finished goods sales & distribution – we have you covered;

3) Completeness and quality checks: Detect and manage outliers on a day-to-day basis, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the end-result;

4) Powerful BI features: Flexibility in data grouping, roll-ups (zoom out) & drill-downs (zoom in), covering all the various dimensions that matter to your commodity business.

Out of the box business data intelligence specific to your industry The solution comes with built-in business logic specific to the commodity industry. It provides you with transparency in the configuration and management of your business rules (such as yield and margin calculation parameters for margin analytics).

Distribute to any application across all formats

By using Tradesparent’s Commodity Data Hub, your master data, reference data and transactional data will be completely harmonized. Now you can distribute your normalized and enriched business data in a variety of formats, to fulfil all requirements inside your company, with ease, security, and control.

Tradesparent’s Data Hub is a cutting-edge real-time commodity data management software solution. It provides rich functionality and flexibility to manage the collection and harmonization of business data and enable timely and accurate data monitoring, analysis, and dissemination. Do you want to know more? Reach out to us for any and all questions.

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