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New data driven regulatory procedures are adding pressure to compliance departments and IT to gain control and avoid paying high fines.

These are challenging times for the commodity trade industry as rules and regulations are increasing and are more and more data driven. Applying smart automation to handle the volume of data and speed of reporting is paramount. Limitations have been reached when data management is handled manually on excel or other systems, causing frustration, deadline delays and human error. Failure to comply with regulations globally can lead to significant fines.

The alphabet soup has arrived. EMIR, FinFrag, MIFID II, TR, NFC, CFTC, MAS, and many more are here to stay. A comprehensive and cost-effective approach must be taken. Compliance departments can be more than a cost center with an approach that sets a strong foundation capturing daily trade transactions in a single trade repository for dealing with their compliance needs and servicing reporting requirements in order parts of the organization. Now is the time to organize initiatives and stay one step ahead of the compliance deadlines by being in full control of your data.

TRADESPARENT, specialized in data and analytics solutions and innovative software development with its roots in the commodity industry, can easily help you stay compliant and in control on derivative market regulations globally. Our Solution enables real-time compliance, global monitoring and reporting in a way you and the competent authorities desire.

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