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Case Study with Cereal Docks

Our case studies explore how TRADESPARENT’s Commodity Data and Analytics Solution helps clients across the globe to meet business requirements and take data-driven decisions.

Founded 36 years ago and headquartered in Vicenza, Cereal Docks is an Italian industrial group processing 2.5 MMT of grains and oilseeds annually. The group has 6 production facilities and 2 storage centers. It operates in the feeds and foods primary processing sector, producing ingredients including meals, oils and lecithin, derived from oil seeds (soy, sunflower and rapeseed) and grains (corn, wheat, barley) intended for applications in foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal feeds, technical and energy sectors.

In 2019, the Group chose to implement TRADESPARENT’s Data and Risk Management Solutions.

We have the pleasure today to speak with Giorgio Dalla Bona (Managing Director of Cereal Docks International S.p.A.) and Mrs Paola Filippi (Accounting Department Manager, Cereal Docks Group) to discuss their perspectives on TRADESPARENT.

Part 1: Mr Giorgio Dalla Bona

Managing Director, Cereal Docks International S.p.A.

Please take us back to 2019, when Cereal Docks chose TRADESPARENT’s Positions and Performance Solution. What were the final considerations behind that decision?

We needed a system capable of providing us - at a glance - the full picture of our positions. This was previously managed via multiple spreadsheets and well, it was confusing! TRADESPARENT’s Positions & Performance appealed to us because of its simplicity: you click refresh and you have the latest update on the screen, organised in a manner that aligns with the performance optics that characterize our business.

How satisfied are you with TRADESPARENT? Could you describe your Return on Investment?

Using TRADESPARENT has brought order to our positions but importantly, it has also boosted our ability to make strategic decisions on a timely basis. This is very valuable yet hard to measure in an exact manner. We certainly think of the value/return ratio as being high and all stakeholders are very satisfied.

What were the implications of Covid-19 on Cereal Docks reporting and analytical process?

Having a clear-cut view of the company situation any second of the day gave us tremendous advantage. We didn’t know how things were going to be solved and whether it would be solved at all. The difficult circumstances during the first wave of Covid-19 required us to keep an open window on the facts happening in real-time.

Part 2: Mrs Paola Filippi

Accounting Department Manager, Cereal Docks Group

Could you describe your experience with the TRADESPARENT implementation process?

It was very smooth: from a Controlling point of view, the reporting widgets created reflect the way I need to look at the company. The implementation time was very rapid and my Business Analyst counterpart at TRADESPARENT was always available to help and answer my questions.

How satisfied are you with the Positions and Performance Solution?

Very much so, all the widgets required are ready for analysis, backed with the latest data. This is significantly better than my previous method, which was prone to manual errors. The implementation phase also allowed TRADESPARENT to add their ideas and altogether, the result is that I have a more complete view of the business. In the future, there will be opportunities to go even further.

One year on, what are the tangible advantages of using TRADESPARENT from a Control perspective?

It is a significant enhancement to my day-to-day in that I spend much less time on data amalgamation and processing, and far more on analysis. One example are the data quality widgets: they allow me to find errors and inconsistencies faster. With a click, I have access to the underlying data. This allows empowers me to discuss with our commercial counterparts in an exact manner and back it up with the relevant context. This is a great advantage from a Control point of view. ----

About TRADESPARENT - Positions and Performance

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