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Expanding into renewable commodities

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Rotterdam – September 2021

Tradesparent, provider of data consolidation and analytical services platform, announces the STX Group as new customer, marking an expansion of its market offering to environmental commodities.

The STX Group is an expert at providing market access and creating liquidity in the dynamic environmental commodities markets. The company works with Renewable Generators, Industrials, Utilities and Corporates, offering bespoke solutions and deal structure to achieve their voluntary and compliance targets. STX Group’s product coverage ranges from carbon offsetting and compliance (EUAs/VERs), renewable energy (GoOs, RECs and I-RECs) to biogas and biofuels.

As an early market entrant growing at a rapid pace, STX turned to Tradesparent’s Data Management Solutions to harmonize the monitoring of its exposures and and further expand on its risk management analytics.

Wim den Hartog, director of STX Group, commented “Tradesparent’s commodity agnostic approach and its data normalization capabilities appealed to us given the dynamic nature of our product and markets and the growing volumes of data we are contending with”.

Norbert Verhagen, Managing Director and CTO of Tradesparent, commented: “We are excited to start the project and look forward to our solutions acting as a growth enabler for STX Group. The global agriculture system emits around 1/3 of the GHG emissions, making Environmental Commodities a natural expansion for Tradesparent. We look forward in the months to come to continue expanding our market offering”.

Headquartered in Rotterdam, since 2010 Tradesparent delivers high profile projects at the world’s leading commodity traders and processors. The company contributes its expertise in real-time, commodity data engineering and risk and performance reporting to enable the digital optimization of its clients in fast-paced environments.

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