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Launching the Tradesparent Help Center

Our customers rely on Tradesparent to ingest, normalize and access time-sensitive data in a fully secure manner. Today we're launching a Help Center to better support their journey with us.

Striving for Customer Service Excellence

As a Vendor, it is paramount to provide timely support to a broad range of questions arising from customer stakeholders:

  • Super users managing projects and supporting their colleagues' journey

  • IT and Data teams managing real-time collection and processing of data flows

  • Regular users connecting to consult their reports and leverage

The Tradesparent Support team is available to assist 24/5.

Mindful that the reporting transformation takes substantial organizational mobilization, we are taking additional steps with our Help Center.

Launching Help Center

To maximize our client's success with Tradesparent, we have synthesized answers across a broad range of themes and have made them available for every Tradesparent user to access. These broadly fall into 3 categories:

  • Topical subjects across the board: master data set-up, mapping, import process etc.

  • Release notes documenting the latest features and product developments.

  • Solutions: To welcome new users, an in-depth introduction to all Tradesparent Solutions.

How it works

To get started, connect to Tradesparent:

  1. Hit the Help button located on the bottom right of the screen

  2. Based on your search terms, you will be shown the relevant topics

  3. Open the full page to browse the content within the Support portal

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