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TRADESPARENT is excited to announce that Cereal Docks, a leading industrial group based in Italy, has chosen TRADESPARENT as their business solution provider.


Fabio Russo, Member of the Board of TRADESPARENT and Managing Director of the South Europe and Mediterranean Division makes the following statement:

“The contract with Cereal Docks is a major achievement for TRADESPARENT, as today Cereal Docks is the largest oilseed Crusher in Italy, with 5 poduction plants and 2 warehouses processing over 2.5 million tons of grains and oilseeds per year. The company had a very large expansion in the last 5 years and recognized in TRADESPARENT the right instrument to support their explosive growth.”


Cereal Docks is a leading industrial group in the collection and processing of grains and oilseeds for foods, animal feeds, industrial uses and applications in the renewable energy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

Partnering with farmers and the processing industry, Cereal Docks contributes to guaranteeing high quality, food safety, sustainability and traceability for the wellbeing of consumers and the future of the planet.

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TRADESPARENT, the leading Commodity Data & Analytics Solution, easily and quickly unifies and prepares any type of business data from CTRM, ERP, Finance systems and/or excel spreadsheets across all business levels into a secure and governed Centralized Data Repository for faster and enhanced reporting and analysis. The software solution is non-intrusive, quick to implement; it does not interfere in daily operations and can be adapted to any existing in- and external data landscape.

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