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14 FEBRUARY 2019 - TRADESPARENT, the leading Commodity Data & Analytics Solution, announces the incorporation of TRADESPARENT INC in the USA as of January, 2019.


To fully support its global accounts with the leading multinationals in the Agri and Food industries, this action enhances and focuses TRADESPARENT’s international growth efforts across the different regions and positions the company well in the USA. This is just the first step, as TRADESPARENT is currently planning on expanding further into the South Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern regions.


The integration of TRADESPARENT Inc will further enhance and create a strong organization with an expert management team who has all the knowledge and experience of the commodity trade and processing industries and adds capacity to further expand within the Americas.

Alexander Regnault, has been appointed President of TRADESPARENT Inc and will lead the US based team.

Alexander Regnault states: “Our customer’s success is most important to us and in order to play our part, we are expanding our activities to the North American markets with the establishment of TRADESPARENT Inc. Proximity, market understanding, and geographical coverage are key drivers.

The commitment to the high level of services TRADESPARENT stands for, continues to be the essential ingredient.”

Ito van Lanschot, Managing Director of TRADESPARENT BV states: “With a background of industry professionals in both the commodity and software development industries, TRADESPARENT has become the industry standard in producing coherent, consistent and complete data sets, essential for effective decision-making ranging from risk management, regulatory and accounting compliances to offensive commercial and market strategies.

We are looking forward to the continued success of our global expansion and future growth opportunities.”


TRADESPARENT, the leading Commodity Data & Analytics Solution, easily and quickly unifies and prepares any type of business data from CTRM, ERP, Finance systems and/or excel spreadsheets across all business levels into a secure and governed Centralized Data Repository for faster and enhanced reporting and analysis. The software solution is non-intrusive, does not interfere in daily operations and can be adapted to any existing data landscape.

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Tess Snelleman, Marketing Manager,, +41786496778

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