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Reporting solutions that provide control over your data and exposures

Each commodity company is unique and thinks distinctively about performance and risk. All however need robust solutions to organize their business data and produce performance and risk metrics, around which their stakeholders align.

Well organized data upstream - at point of data capture - underpins success downstream - at the point of analysis. Data flows from capture all the way to analysis is a multi-stage complex process, before even addressing business specific logic.

How the business data is consumed, how it becomes one language and enriched, and how it becomes accessible requires the right end-to-end architecture.

Tradesparent’s Commodity Data Reporting Platform embeds more than 10 years of data integration and reporting expertise working with leading companies.

It comes with all the required checks and balances to confidently run and re-run data integrations on-demand while continuously iterating on their reporting framework.

We assist our customers in configuring it to their exact needs, so they can operate it fully by themselves and gain insights to drive Value.

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