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TRADESPARENT, the leading Commodity Data & Analytics Solution, introduces a new Subscription-based Notification feature that enables users to always be up-to-date on critical events regarding their physical, financial and administrative operations.

Through this latest development users have the possibility to proactively subscribe to items of interest, effortlessly set up automatic report and analysis distribution and be notified live on key developments of their business activities - straight in their inbox and 24/7.

Not only does this feature save users tremendous amounts of time, but it also provides a timely and coordinated way to inform entire teams, create more synergies and always be on top of important day-to-day events.


  • Dashboard updates

  • Portfolio Value/Volume/Risk Limit Breaches

  • Managerial reporting

  • Global Exchange Position Limit Monitoring

  • EMIR TR Reporting Statistics

  • Risk Metric alerts

  • Import/Export completion

  • Master Data Management updates

  • Alarms and Reminders

The software offers an unlimited variety of notifications in addition to the ones above, with extensive customizable features. Get in touch to find out more.

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