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Tailored to specific models and needs across the entire business


Performance insights at your fingertips through effective and efficient data management and analysis

Be assured you and your organization is making decisions based on complete, timely and accurate information. Start your day with a quick glance at your personalized corporate dashboard. Know what and where your main exposures and sensitivities are to price changes. 


More analysis,
less spreadsheet mania

Prepare your daily reports in minutes. Know that ever layer within every department in the organization is working off of the same data. Spend time really analyzing positions, stressing the book, understanding what drives Value at Risk and start identifying trends using rich, structured historic data.

The must have in your toolkit.


Audit & new reporting requirements, no problem!

Have all transactions organized in one single data repository for complete and accurate monitoring and reporting. Know when new products are traded, accounts added and more with your own Control Board. Have an audit coming up, no problem, you have all data easily accessible. Be in control, be compliant. Best insurance ever. 


Know your position down to the single trade

Harmonized view of positions and performance across all product categories, geographies, supply chain.  Drill down to account level, look at developments over time, price correlations, these and many more features available. Coverage reporting based on planning AND sales for true net position. Who doesn’t want that.


Control, Security, Integration

Have actual control on how valuable company data flows through the organization. No unmanageable spreadsheet mania. Leave the business to manage their individual reporting requirements, but know that they are working with ONE SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH Data Repository.


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