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Where technology and business
expertise unite


We're a team of data-lovers, tech-savvies and strategists on a mission
to help the commodity world to become more innovative, digital and fun.


Dirk Jan van den Berg


As Chairman of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Dirk Jan has exceptional and extensive work experience at the highest levels of corporate, academic and government organizations, now providing advisory services to Tradesparent.


Norbert Verhagen

Managing Director

Norbert is the expert in the design and construction of efficient software platforms in commodity risk and information management. With his keen eye Tradesparent is able to offer a unique and revolutionized product and service.


Martin Dru

Senior Risk Management Advisor

Martin has many years of experience in systems strategy advice for major trading and industrial clients. He focuses on re-design and change management, risk reviews for key clients and  business development.


Alvaro Mariani

Senior Risk Consultant

Alvaro has extensive knowledge in data and specializes in risk management. With many years experience, he knows exactly how to understand our clients' needs and find the best solution that can help create consolidated and independent insights.


Gege Ankerman

Manager Finance & Support

Gege has joined the Tradesparent team as one of the first. With her many years in the company she has not only mastered the finance & support department, but also become a great Tradesparent expert. 


Jack Lougheed

Business & Data Consultant

Jack is one of our business and data consultants that has extensive knowledge in SQL and other BI tools to develop and build reporting data and solutions. 


Priya Ranjan Kumar

Infra & Security Specialist

Ranjan is our Azure specialist, making sure that not only within Tradesparent everything remains up and running, but also helps with the infrastructure and security of our partnerships. 


Claudia Brocchieri

Operations Manager

With her many years of expertise in operational processes and projects, Claudia is improving our project office management on a daily basis. 


Camille Mijs

Business Consultant

Camille has many years of experience in the field of trading and data analytics. With his knowledge and his practical background he helps our clients to develop and maintain strong risk- and margin management. 


Mariska van Erp - Habiba

PMO & Back Office Support

With her many years experience in back office support and operations management ánd her creative background, Mariska is the perfect addition to the Tradesparent team.

David Chaffetz.jpeg

David Chaffetz

Non Executive Director

David joined Tradesparent in 2019 as board member. With his extensive experience in developing global partnerships, he is a great consultant for our business development strategies.


Jenny Yang

Senior Business Consultant

Jenny has been in the industry since 2009 and has a extensive background when it comes to strategic analytics and reporting for risk, finance and sales, supporting our US clients the best way possible.


Ito van Lanschot

Managing Director

Ito is known as a highly effective industry and sales professional with a proven track record in scaling up companies (most notably Nidera) across different markets and continents. With Tradesparent he aims to help other commodity businesses grow.

unnamed (7).jpg

Alexander Regnault

President TS Inc.

Alexander’s key area of expertise is in the shaping of processes and delivery of results. He also has extensive project management, finance and planning experience obtained through working in dynamic trade environments.


Fabio Russo

Board member & Business Development South-Europe

Fabio has joined Tradesparent as board member and focuses on South-Europe to develop and grow our partnerships.


Bram Walda

Business & Data Consultant

Bram joined Tradesparent in 2017 and has since helped with extending, evolving and optimizing the use of data in order to create more transparency and better insights into commodity business environments.


Laurent Schuermans

Product Development Manager

Starting as junior business analyst, Laurent has developed over the years to become our key product development manager. With his strong skills to build a bridge between the clients' needs and our product, he is able to help our partnerships grow extensively.  


Mariska de Graaf - Van Meer

Operations Manager

Mariska has worked within the commodity industry for over a decade and has a great understanding of the operational level of the company. She is our engine behind all projects and makes sure everything runs smoothly.


Mahesh Yanamandra

Business Consultant

Mahesh helps our clients with finding the right solutions for their risk- and margin management. With his analytical skills he is able to improve overall business.


Anil Kishore Devalapally

Business Development &
Client Engagement

Anil has extensive knowledge in the agri industry and developed a strong set of skills in business development and consulting. He helps with key opportunities for new and existing clients in Asia.


Julie van Lanschot

Sales & Marketing Strategist

Julie has extensive experience in both marketing and sales. At Tradesparant, her main goal is to create a strong commercial strategy to improve business development and make sure our product and service are helping our clients in the best way possible. 


Vincent van Os

Senior Strategist & Manager

Vincent has worked almost his entire career in the commodity industry and is one of the co-founders of Tradesparent in 2011. He is highly skilled in business development and core strategies.


Sarabdeep Sachin

Business Consultant

With both a background as software engineer and business analyst, Sarabdeep is the perfect business consultant with a deeper understanding of the connection between product and business challenges. A great addition to the team!


Ayush Khandelwal

Business Consultant

As latest member of the team, Ayush is bringing new and interesting knowledge to the company and our clients. As data analyst with a big interest for risk management, he enables for trusted data decision-making.


We are always looking for talented people

Are you as passionate about innovative technology and data just like us?  We are always on the look for enthusiastic team players. Check out the open careers by clicking the button below.

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